Verhaltens- und Geschäftspartnerkodex


Code of Conduct and Business Partner Code of Conduct

Since the establishment of the MOSOLF Group in 1955 – long before the term “compliance” became an important keyword on everybody’s lips – it has been a fundamental component of our corporate policy.

Conducting business with integrity and fairness

Our activities are based on the applicable law of the countries in which MOSOLF operates.

Taking responsibility for our employees and the environment.

This fundamental attitude is the basis of our actions to date and a key factor in ensuring the long-term and sustainable success of our company for the future.


Code of Conduct

This Code applies worldwide to all locations in the MOSOLF Group, as well as to us all: executives, managers and employees. Each individual must measure his or her actions according to these principles and be guided by them. It is the binding basis for our daily actions.


Business Partner Code of Conduct

The fundamental tenets of our corporate behaviour as set out in this Code are also something that we require of our business partners. In this respect, the Code goes beyond just complying with the laws and regulations. In order to collaborate with our business partners, we therefore consider it to be an absolute prerequisite that they

  • Conduct all business on the basis of the applicable law
  • Implement the principles of this Code
  • Work towards ensuring that this Code is also implemented by their business partners

Whistleblower system

Concrete information helps us, the MOSOLF Group, to detect, avoid and effectively resolve serious rule violations and infringements. This information can help to prevent damage to MOSOLF, its staff and third parties.
This requires attentiveness and readiness on the part of all staff and third parties in the event of concrete signs of serious breaches of our codes and policies, such as:

  • Corruption,
  • Conflicts of interest,
  • Competition and antitrust law,
  • Theft,
  • Discrimination or
  • Human rights abuses

in order to react to these and indicate them as a whistleblower.

The whistleblower system offers staff and third parties the option of making information and concrete indications about unlawful behaviour transparent

  • anonymously,
  • in several languages,
  • at any time and
  • online.

transparent zu machen.

The whistleblower system is sourced from an external provider in order to protect the anonymity of the whistleblower. It ensures the best possible protection for the whistleblower as well as any affected parties. The information provided by the whistleblower is always handled confidentially and fairly as part of the external processing procedure.

The external website can be reached using the following link:


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