17. October 2023

MOSOLF Group: German-American partnership to manage emissions in real time

Kirchheim unter Teck, October 17, 2023 – MOSOLF Group, one of the leading system service providers for the European automotive industry, and Spectaire Inc., which is headquartered near Boston in the US state of Massachusetts, are set to work together on solutions for measuring drive emissions in real-time operations. Emissions need to be measured directly with the help of processes such as mass spectrometry to gain a complete picture of emissions. MOSOLF Group will showcase Spectaire AireCore, an innovative and forward-looking tool for the exact measurement of emissions in transport logistics, at the International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin.

More and more companies are looking for ways to reduce their CO2 emissions and continuously improve their processes as policy makers, customers, and employees ask more of them when it comes to sustainability. Emissions from truck fleets account for a considerable proportion of total emissions in the logistics industry. Emissions must first be measured before they can be reduced. Current calculation methods for determining vehicle emissions are based on fuel consumption or kilometers driven. However, direct measurement methods are helpful for accessing accurate data on truck emissions. Mass spectrometry can provide data that is both reliable and scientifically sound.

The MOSOLF Group will present Spectaire AireCore, the world’s only truck-mountable micro mass-spectrometer to date, at the International Supply Chain Conference, which will take place in Berlin from October 18 to 20. Spectaire AireCore measures the molecular air composition of up to 18 gas samples per minute in real-time operations with an accuracy of three millionths of a gram (3 ppm). It measures both pure CO2 emissions and all other emissions relevant as CO2 equivalents (CO2e), such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxide. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed and patented the process.

The technology’s integrated Internet connection enables real-time data to be transmitted to a certified database and used for immediate process optimization. Spectaire AireCore can also be integrated into telematics systems, usually installed in trucks. Users can then access route-based, truck-based and fleet-based emissions reports by using a dedicated app. The data can also be used for full CO2e balancing of the company’s own fleet.

“The carbon footprint is a key tool to help us make the right decisions as we pursue our chosen path to lower emission transportation. After visiting Spectaire at MIT and seeing the technology in combination with the application expertise with our own eyes, we were convinced that we had found a long-term and innovative partner for our success,” remarked Dr Jörg Mosolf, CEO of the MOSOLF Group, talking about this international partnership.

“In September 2023, Mosolf Group commissioned Magility GmbH as an independent auditor and evaluator to assess the current development and production status of the Spectaire AireCore solution. Magility can leverage over 30 years of experience in system testing and certification in the international mobility and automotive industries. A team of experts was sent to Michigan to evaluate Spectaire’s design, testing and production facilities on site. Magility’s conclusion is that the AireCore product meets functional specifications and is on track for use in automotive applications. Further certification and testing will follow once the AireCore product reaches the required level of maturity for European commercial vehicle standards,” added Dr. Michael Muller, CEO of Magility GmbH.

MOSOLF Group has already chartered an essential course on the long road to sustainable transformation by constantly expanding its e-truck fleet, including charging infrastructure, expanding its photovoltaic area from the current 20 MWh to 120 MWh in the coming years, and rolling out HVO at its own filling station network.

Key industry players got a first impression of the Spectaire AireCore at the ECG conference in Copenhagen last weekend and gave positive feedback about this forward-looking technology.

Interested parties are cordially invited to visit the MOSOLF Group booth (W/32) at the International Supply Chain Conference from October 18 to 20, 2023 (InterContinental Berlin, Wintergarten), to take a closer look at this groundbreaking product and find out about its many possibilities.

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