Finished with school? Hit the ground running with us!

You have finished your schooling and are now looking for the right training offer? We help you get the qualifications that you need for your future professional life. It does not matter in which specialist area you intend to complete your training or a dual system study programm. With training from MOSOLF, you are taking your first step toward an exciting vocational future at a company that offers you individual development opportunities in a familiar atmosphere.

Whether with a general or intermediate secondary school-leaving certificate or the general qualification for university acceptance – at MOSOLF we offer you more than 50 training or student places at a number of locations.

How we support your career launch

  • Introductory events

  • Mentoring model for the introduction to your training or Dual System Study Programm

  • Intensive supervision

  • Regular feedback discussions with the training management

  • Multifaceted departmental jobs with active cooperation

  • Exchange with trainees and students in their 2nd and 3rd years


Our current training opportunities

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Interested? Fantastic!

Application in the job portal

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Trial day (in selected cases)


Questions and tips for your application

You wish to apply for one of our training professions or dual system study programm? If you mention the following topics, you will make a good impression on our recruiters straight off.

  • How did I hear about the training position?
  • Why did I choose this training profession?
  • Why am I applying at this company?
  • What experiences do I bring to this training or dual system study programm?
  • What school-leaving certificate will I earn, and when?

Select the appropriate training offer or course of studies and apply using our online portal. Highlight your strengths and, if possible, compile all of your documents into one file.

You can apply starting in June for the following year in each case.

Our tip: It pays to be quick. Our positions are filled as soon as we have found a suitable applicant.

In this case it is sufficient to send us your last two school reports with the requirement that you send MOSOLF your final report immediately after receiving it.

First your application is assessed. If you have made a good impression with your application, you will be invited to a personal interview. Depending on the location, training professions or selection of a Dual System Study Programm, an aptitude test or a short internship will also be required.

Yes, we only accept applications via our online application portal. You can easily upload your documents there and also supplement these later should you wish to add any additional attachments.

After a successful application submission, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. The training management will keep you informed in the interim with notifications.


Our strength lies in our versatility – the MOSOLF Group is made up of highly specialised individual companies, business units and joint ventures that come together to form an unbeatable combination. This flexible structure offers many advantages that make a difference.
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